Should Schools & Colleges Allow Students to Use AI for Essays?

Should Schools & Colleges Allow Students to Use AI for Essays?

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November 6, 2023


The debate on whether schools and colleges should permit students to utilize AI for essay writing is a multifaceted issue. This blog delves into the arguments for and against integrating AI into the essay-writing process.

Arguments in Favor of Allowing AI for Writing Essays:

1. Efficiency and Assistance:

AI tools can assist students in conducting research, fact-checking, and structuring their essays. This can potentially save time and offer valuable guidance in organizing their thoughts and information.

2. Access to Information:

AI allows students access to a vast amount of information and resources that can enhance the quality of their essays. It can help in finding relevant sources and materials that might not be easily accessible.

3. Equal Opportunities:

Using AI levels the playing field for students who may struggle with writing due to language barriers, learning disabilities, or lack of access to educational resources. It offers them tools to improve their writing skills.

4. Preparation for the Workforce:

In the professional world, the use of AI tools for writing and research is increasingly common. Allowing students to use these tools in an educational setting can prepare them for the future job market.

Arguments Against Allowing AI for Writing Essays:

1. Originality and Creativity:

Relying on AI for essays might hinder the development of students' critical thinking, creativity, and originality. It may lead to a lack of personal voice in their work.

2. Ethical Concerns:

There are ethical considerations regarding plagiarism and the authenticity of work produced using AI tools. Students might unintentionally or intentionally misuse these tools.

3. Learning Process:

Essay writing is not just about the final product; it's about the learning process. Overdependence on AI tools might hinder the development of critical research and writing skills.

4. Assessment Challenges:

Educators may find it challenging to assess the true abilities of students if the essays are predominantly generated or heavily assisted by AI.


Balancing the integration of AI tools in educational settings requires a careful approach. While AI can offer valuable support, it's crucial to ensure that students are still actively engaging in the learning process, developing critical thinking skills, and honing their abilities in research and writing. Schools and colleges might consider allowing supervised use of AI tools to support students, emphasizing the importance of using these resources as aids to their learning rather than replacements for their efforts. Educators can play a crucial role in guiding students on the ethical and appropriate use of AI in essay writing, ensuring academic integrity is maintained while leveraging the benefits these tools offer.

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