Do you think positive deviance method would be successful in combating gng criminals in Stockholm.

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The positive deviance method has been successfully used to address malnutrition problems in various communities around the world. However, when considering its potential effectiveness in combating gang criminals in Stockholm, it is important to examine the unique characteristics of this issue and whether the positive deviance method is applicable.

The positive deviance method is based on the idea that within every community, there are individuals or groups who exhibit positive behaviors or practices that allow them to thrive despite facing similar challenges as their peers. By identifying these positive deviants and analyzing their strategies, solutions can be developed and implemented to address the issue at hand.When it comes to malnutrition, the positive deviance method has shown promise. By identifying children who are well-nourished despite living in resource-poor communities, researchers have been able to identify strategies that can be shared with other families to improve the nutritional status of their children. This approach is based on the assumption that the solution to the problem already exists within the community, and by empowering individuals to share their knowledge and skills, sustainable change can be achieved.

However, applying the positive deviance method to combat gang criminals in Stockholm may present challenges. Unlike malnutrition, gang criminality is a complex issue that involves multiple factors such as socioeconomic conditions, educational opportunities, and social networks. It is not simply a matter of identifying individuals who have managed to avoid engaging in criminal activities and replicating their behavior.Furthermore, the positive deviance method may not be applicable in a situation where the majority of individuals within a community are engaged in gang criminality. In Stockholm, for instance, gang criminals may be deeply embedded in the social fabric of certain neighborhoods, making it difficult to identify positive deviants who are successfully avoiding such behavior.Additionally, the positive deviance method requires a supportive and receptive community to be effective. In the case of malnutrition, parents are often eager to improve the health and well-being of their children. However, when it comes to gang criminality, the community dynamics and motivations may differ significantly. The culture of gangs may create an environment where individuals are hesitant to deviate from the norm or to share strategies that may undermine the power and influence of the gang.

In conclusion, while the positive deviance method has shown promise in addressing malnutrition problems, its applicability and effectiveness in combating gang criminals in Stockholm may be limited. The complex nature of gang criminality, the challenges of identifying positive deviants, and the potential resistance within the community may hinder the success of this approach. Therefore, alternative strategies that address the root causes of gang criminality should be considered to effectively combat this issue in Stockholm.

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